Protecting my ownership through a Copyright, how it work?


There is a reason why intellectual property protection is embedded in the U.S. Constitution, because progress in any society is dependent upon the free flow of ideas, especially ideas that solve problems. And the key to encouraging the free flow of information and ideas is to protect the people who come up with them. If it is possible for someone to steal someone else's creativity with impunity, creativity is lessened. Everyone who has created something worthwhile should be able to derive benefit from it. That's the main reason for copyright laws.  Everyone who has done something creative and original is entitled to copyright protection.

A copyright certifies the product of your creativity as belonging to you and only you.  Legally speaking, you have a copyright as soon as you create something. However, having something and proving you have it are often different things. If anyone was to challenge your rights or attempt to infringe on your rights, you will have to prove first rights of ownership. Among the easiest and most effective ways to is to register and deposit your creative work in a secure environment, like that we provide at

If your creative work is sufficiently unique and original, you can claim copyright on it. By registering and depositing your work, you will establish to everyone that it belongs to you and only you.  By making a copyright deposit, you create a record of ownership and a date certain when your copyright commences. A copyright deposit establishes priority and serves as incontestable proof of copyright. Your copyright deposit serves as your official witness of your right to your idea.

In the United States, copyright protection is valid for life. When you make a copyright deposit with us, it is archived with people who are under a legal obligation to provide a retention protocol for every deposit in a way that makes your copyright ownership incontestable. What's more, your copyrighted work will be easily retrievable by you, the copyright holder at any time you need to establish your ownership rights. And when you complete a copyright registration and deposit of your idea through, that protection is international in scope; it is valid in all 171 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention.

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