Protect a website content from the copy and copyright my website


Perhaps you have a website to share news with family and friends. Perhaps you're proud of your art or your photography and you want to show it off to everyone. Maybe you're a newshound and you want to talk about current events to anyone who wants to read what you have to say. In a great many cases, a website is the primary source of communication a business has with its clients or customers. In one way or another, websites are important for commerce and socially, and you have every right to protection for what is your intellectual property. Just putting your website up on the Internet and attaching a copyright notice is technically sufficient for claiming copyright and protecting your website. Under current copyright law, you automatically obtain a copyright when you create the website.

However, if you have to protect your rights, you will need certain proof that you own the website and all of its elements and you will have to prove that you were the first one to have created it. exists so that you can obtain and demonstrate that proof when the time comes.

Let Us Help to Protect Your Website

In the United States, copyright law protects all of your website content from plagiarism and outright theft. Legally speaking, everyone who creates something unique, like website content, has a copyright. However,  if someone copies some of your website content or in some other way challenges your ownership rights, you must be able to provide proof of copyright. A great way to do that is to register and deposit your entire website to ensure its safety.

When you make a copyright deposit through, the protection of your website content starts immediately. The deposit creates a date certain for your website content’s creation, which means that you will be in a position to prove that everyone who comes after you is infringing on your rights. A copyright deposit serves as your official witness of your right to every aspect of the  creation and design of your website content, including all of the text, the artwork and design elements that you can rightfully claim ownership to. In the United States, copyright is valid for life.

When you make a copyright deposit of your website content to, it is archived by officials with a legal obligation to retain all documents deposited in a way that makes your copyright ownership incontestable.  Once you have established copyright with a registration and deposit, you will always be able to actively protect your website content from unauthorized adoption and use by third parties because you will be able to prove any claim you make.   The protection we offer is very comprehensive. When you make a copyright deposit in the United States, that protection is valid in all 171 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention. That means that you have international protection of your website content, which will provide you with peace of mind.