Copyright registration and filling


Copyright registration and filling

Who must register and be protected by Copyright?

Copyright law applies to the creation of any mind in the literary, artistic works, designs, and creative concepts. Legally speaking, everyone who creates anything has a copyright, but if that copyright is ever challenged, proof of copyright is necessary, which means registering and depositing the work.

How soon after I deposit my creation does it enjoy Copyright protection?

The protection for a copyright deposit, is instantaneous. Indeed, under the law, copyright protection for the original work or design is afforded at creation. Thus, at the moment your creation, design, music, or project have been written and published, whether on the web or elsewhere, is subject to copyright protection. A copyright deposit establishes a date certain for the creation of the property, which establishes priority of copyright and is uncontestable proof of copyright. The deposit is your official witness of your right to your creation or design.

How long does Copyright protection last?

When you file for copyright protection, that protection is valid for life + 70 years beyond the death of the author. Copyright deposits are archived with officers who are obliged by decree of State to retain all documents deposited with them in an integrated way, uncontestable (unalterable content of material submitted) and retrievable at any time by the holder of intellectual property rights relating to the copyright of the applicant.