COPYRIGHTWEB.COM provides a service that allows you to provide proof of ownership of your intellectual property in any creation category, in addition to books and other written works, it can protect other items, such as a logo, design, model, video, music, photo, software, website content or many other items.

We are a company specializing in copyright registration and we are legally recognized for registering copyrights and storing proof of registration. With a network of more than 50 sites worldwide, COPYRIGHTWEB.COM has been providing online registration and legal proof for more than 100,000 creations, designs, website, contents, and projects, every year.

Our deposit system for copyright registration of creative work has already proved its value to the great many clients who have had to protect their intellectual property in court. Every trial involving a customer, due to our efficient and reliable system. We provide a date certain of copyright and a certification by a public notary, which proves both the anteriority and the ownership of the creative work.

With the help of our lawyers and experts in information processing in the intellectual property legal system, we launched COPYRIGHTWEB.COM for recording and providing evidence under copyright law for your creative capital.

Our commitment is reflected by the following terms:

  • Speed : Instant Deposit 24/7
  • Reliability : Copyright certified by a public notary in real time
  • Reputation : Irrefutable and legal proof
  • Accessibility : Support available every weekday
  • Conservation : Backup of your data for 30 years and certificate valid for life + 70 years. (Storage at public notary office for 30 years and in our servers for life)
  • Confidentiality : proof certified with digital signature / file integrity / certified, unalterable evidence / Restricted visibility to owner only.
  • Comprehensive : Full protection of copyright in all 171 signatory countries to the Berne Convention.