Copyright : Price of time



In contrast to protecting a brand (trademark) or invention (patent), which can cost several hundred euros or more, copyright demonstrates the right of the creator to his creation. The copyright deposit provides evidence of the priority of your copyright over any other person who purports to be the creator and owner of the copyright.

The choice of a copyright deposit is advantageous for many reasons:

· The price of registration and filing of copyright is low

· The time spent to make filing for copyright is minimal (average time of 2 minutes)

· The quantity copyright deposits reduces the cost.

· There are no boundaries to your copyright protection. You have protection everywhere, for life (+70 years!).

That means, by registering and depositing your work for copyright, you save time and money and you will be freed up to focus on your creativity and the promotion of your creation or creations.

Since one can only rarely keep an idea totally secret, you need a means to protect your creations. Copyright at the time of disclosure can protect you.

Copyright is a tool for the secure exchange in the economic cycle.

Copyright is indisputable in court and it is uncontestable, which deters copying. It is unquestionably cheaper than a direct deposit with a notary or a public notary.

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