Search for earlier Copyright


Can I search for earlier Copyright?

This is an important issue for creative people who believe it may be possible that their idea already exists. There are specific ways to perform these "prior art" searches.

For example:

· I have an idea of brand name for which I want to record a Copyright: This filing cannot replace the deposit of the mark, but it is frequently used by the creators of names (communication agencies or by naming example). Because of this, a search for earlier trademark can only be done in the country or territory that interests you.

· I have an idea of domain name (website for example) for which I want to record a Copyright: This is relatively simple by searching registrars or by searching the ICANN database.

· I want to know if my project is already on the Web. This type of prior art search can be effected in a first time via multi-criteria search engines or encyclopedias, although that will not be enough to find a clear answer or secure the existence of the same project as yours.

For this reason, authors and other creators should operate with a single imperative. You should always strive to be as original as possible when writing the content of your project. By showing its originality, you will enable the judge in case of dispute to establish your right to your Copyright. will propose a prior art search at the beginning of the process and also watch over your creations via the Web.