Can i get copyright on a project ?


One of the keys to profitability for almost any business, big or small, comes with your ability to set up and complete projects for your clients or customers.  Your ability to develop and implement unique projects is what makes you and your business special; your ability to find the best way to do something is what differentiates you from the competition. In many cases, your ability to complete a project in a unique and special way is the lifeblood of your business venture. And if a project brings you a large clientele and makes you a lot of money, you should assume that some of your competitors, or others in the same business might want to copy your work as a shortcut. Therefore, you need to protect the details, so that it belongs to you and only to you. 

You will have to describe all of the details of your project because it's necessary for the project to be creative, unique and distinctive in order to get a copyright.  But once you have obtained a copyright, that will certify your project as belonging to you and you alone, at the same time it sets a specific date for its creation. This is important, since it is not enough for you to say you invented it; at some point you will have to prove ownership and priority when it comes time to defend your project against infringement. Technically, you have a copyright as soon as you conceive of your project, but if anyone was to challenge that or attempt to infringe on your rights, you will have to prove first rights of ownership. Among the easiest and most effective ways to gain that proof is by registering your project and depositing it in a secure environment, like that provided by

How Protects Your Project?

Having a copyright is a sure way to protect any project, although you will have to make sure you include all details of your project. It is unlikely that a single sentence or short  paragraph describing your project in very general terms can be copyrighted. However, if you create a long narrative explaining all aspects of your project, you can claim copyright and protect it, both as a complete project and as a series of project elements. By registering your project, your project creates a record of ownership and it establishes priority and serves as incontestable proof of copyright. Your deposit serves as your official witness of your right to your idea.

In the United States, copyright protection is valid for life. When you make a copyright deposit of your project, it is archived in pristine form by agents under a legal obligation to provide a retention protocol for all deposited documents in a way that makes your copyright ownership incontestable. What's more, your project will always be easily retrievable by you, the copyright holder, whenever you need to establish your ownership rights. In addition, when you complete a copyright registration and deposit of your project through,  international protection comes standard; your protection is valid in all 171 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention.