Getting a copyright on art work online and stay protected from the copy


Artists come in all shapes and sizes these days and their art work also comes in a number of various forms. However, while all art is personal, it is often the artist's only way to make a living, which makes it extremely valuable. Unfortunately, when art become valuable monetarily, others will want to use it to make money for themselves. Everything about art work makes it important to protect. Whether it makes you a lot of money or not, you put a lot of work into your art and it's an insult when someone copies it or otherwise tries to make money from it. You alone should be allowed to profit or otherwise benefit from your artistic creation. There is a reason copyright is protected in the Constitution; it is the key to protecting  art and other creative works of all kinds.

Copyright is the only sure way to protect your art work. Technically speaking, under current copyright law, you automatically obtain a copyright when you create a piece of art, but practically speaking, proof of copyright is necessary when it comes time to prove your ownership of the work and a the date you completed it. In order to protect yourself, you must be able to prove both. This is why exists. By registering your art work and depositing it with our system, you ensure that everyone knows it belongs to you and you alone.

How We Can Protect Your Art Work?

In the United States, copyright law protects your art from the time you conceive of it and especially when you complete it.  Legally speaking, everyone who creates something unique has a copyright automatically, but if someone copies your art work, or tries to reproduce it for sale or otherwise challenges your ownership rights, you will need proof of copyright. By making a copyright deposit through, the protection starts immediately and, in the United States, copyright protection is valid for life. When you make a copyright deposit of your art work, it cannot be altered, which means there will always be a pristine copy of your art, archived with officers who are obliged to retain all documents deposited in a way that makes your copyright ownership incontestable, even though it is easily retrievable by the copyright holder at any time they need to establish their ownership rights. 

Once you have established copyright with a registration and deposit through, you will always have the ability to actively protect your art work from infringement by third parties.  The protection we offer is also very comprehensive. When you make a copyright deposit in the United States, that copyright protection that is valid in all 171 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention. That means international protection comes standard with every copyright deposit.