Can i protect my music or my song with a copyright ?


Whether you have written a song, a complete album or what you hope will someday be a Broadway or movie musical, it is your creation and it is valuable to you. That means you will want to take steps to protect your music from unauthorized use or copying. One sure way to do that is by registering for copyright protection and making a secure copyright deposit. 

A copyright deposit is a sure way to protect a distinctive and original piece of music, whether it has been written down or recorded. Legally speaking, as soon as you create it, you technically have a copyright in the work. However, in practical use, if someone challenges your copyright, you will have to be able to prove that the work is yours and to prove a date certain for the creation and/or first performance of the work. By registering your song or other musical work, you will ensure that everyone knows it belongs only to you and that only you are authorized to use it. Establishing copyright prevents others from copying or using your music in an unauthorized way. Following certain steps will protect your trademark. 

How We Help to Protect Your Music

Copyright law protects your work and applies to the creation in many areas, including music. Legally speaking, everyone who creates or records a unique piece of music has a copyright. However, if someone creates music similar to yours and challenges your right to ownership, you will need proof of copyright. That means you will have to register and deposit your music to keep it safe.  
When you make a copyright deposit through, the protection starts immediately. Since copyright protection for any original music is present at its creation, establishing a specific date of its creation is very important. By making a copyright deposit of your music, you are creating a date certain for your intellectual property, which means that everyone who comes after is potentially infringing on your rights. A copyright deposit establishes priority of copyright and serves as incontestable proof of copyright because the deposit is unalterable by anyone, including the copyright holder. Making such a deposit creates official witness of your right to your creation or design.
In the United States, when you establish copyright protection, that protection is valid for life. Once you have established copyright ownership of your song or your music through a copyright registration and deposit through, you will be able to actively protect your music from unauthorized adoption and use by third parties.  The best part is, when you deposit your copyright with us, your copyright protection is valid in all 171 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention. That means the protection for your music is valid almost everywhere in the world. That's a lot of protection for a relatively small price.