Protect a poetry and get a copyright


Perhaps you write poetry to help you through a tough time. Maybe you're a musician who writes lyrics that someone else will put to music. You may even just write poetry for yourself. Regardless of the reason, poetry is a very personal and unique form of expression and it should belong to you, whether you become rich from it or just treasure your poetry writing.  Your creativity always deserves protection and you alone should be able to make money or derive other benefit from it.  Copyright is part of the U.S. Constitution for a reason; it serves as a major key to productivity. You alone should be allowed to make money from it. There is a reason why copyright was enshrined in the Constitution; it is the key to protecting creativity.

Copyright is the best possible way to protect your poetry, whether it is a single poem, a book or an anthology. Technically, under current copyright law, you automatically obtain a copyright when you write a poem, but practically speaking, if anyone challenges that copyright in any way, ou have to be able to prove both your ownership of the work and the date the copyright came into effect. If you go to court to protect your copyright, your word won't be enough; you have to provide certified proof.  .  This is why exists. By registering your book and depositing it into our system, you ensure that everyone knows it belongs to you and you alone.

How Our System Protects Your Poetry ?

In the United States, copyright law protects your poetry, just as it protects every book or magazine in the library and every work you see on TV or at the movies.  Legally speaking, everyone who creates something unique has a copyright interest in that work. However, if someone plagiarizes your poetry, or uses it without your authorization, or otherwise challenges your ownership rights, you will need proof of copyright. That means you will have to register and deposit your poetry into a secure system  to keep it safe.  

When you make a copyright deposit through, you are putting into a very secure system. The protection starts immediately and certifies for everyone that you own your poetry and it creates a date certain for your poetic creation. That means everyone who comes after you is infringing on your rights. A copyright deposit serves as an official witness of your right to your creation or design.
In the United States, copyright protection is valid for life. When you make a copyright deposit of your poetry, it is archived with people who are obliged to retain all documents deposited in a way that makes your copyright ownership incontestable, even though it is always easily retrievable by you, the  copyright holder whenever you need to establish your ownership rights.  Once you have established copyright with a registration and deposit through, you will have the ability to actively protect your poetry from unauthorized use or appropriation by third parties.  Also, when you make a copyright deposit in the United States, that copyright protection is valid in all 171 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention, which means international protection comes standard with every copyright deposit.