Can i copyright my video ?


We live in a very visual world, in which many people have smartphones and other devices and can create video at a moment's notice. Some videos are forgettable and very personal, but it's impossible to predict which videos will become viral and possibly make the creator a lot of money. A great many people have posted a simple video on YouTube or Facebook and become millionaires from that. In some cases, aspiring film makers may want to create a video with more meaning, starting with a script and you'll want to protect the script and the video.

Regardless of your creative process, you'll want to protect yourself and your video creation from those who might steal it or copy it in some way. After all, if you luck out and your video goes viral, someone may want to piggyback on your success, which means you'll need to protect everything about it from unauthorized use or copying. One sure way to do that is to register for copyright protection and make a deposit of your video with

A copyright is a sure way to protect any creative work, and you technically obtain a legal copyright when you create a video. However,  when it comes to actual protection, you have to register your video and possibly a script,  to ensure that everyone knows the video belongs to you and you alone. By securing a copyright for your video, you can prevent others from doing something confusingly similar or outright stealing it for their own use.

Let Us Help You Protect Your Video

Following certain steps will protect your trademark and secure your trademark rights in the United States and well beyond. Copyright law protects your video, but only if you can prove you’re entitled to your rights. When you make a copyright deposit of your video and related elements through, the protection of your video is immediate. It establishes you as the owner of the work and it also establishes a date certain of the establishment of your copyright, which is important if someone comes along after, trying to infringe on your rights.

In the United States, when you establish copyright protection, that protection is valid for life. As soon as you make a copyright deposit of your video and your screenplay, if applicable, it is archived with officers who have a legal obligation to retain everything that is deposited in a way that makes your copyright ownership incontestable. Also, the work is easily retrievable by you as the copyright holder at any time you need to establish your ownership rights.  

By establishing your rights through a copyright registration and deposit with, you  can actively protect your video from unauthorized adoption and use by third parties. Also, when you make a copyright deposit through in the United States, your copyright protection is valid in all 171 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention. That means international protection comes standard with every copyright deposit.