Protecting a Project or a Novel


To register and deposit a project, it's necessary to include every element of the project, including detail, structure, and design. It is necessary to demonstrate far more than just its originality. To protect the project, it will be necessary to show the future reader why you sought to copyright it and protect it through a deposit.

When an author writes a novel, the reader sees a fictional but original story; it is obviously original in plot from beginning to end. Therefore, when an author registers and deposits a novel, it is easy to establish a specific copyright date and to protect their rights. The details are in the work itself. A copyright deposit should be made even before the author submits their work to an agent or a publishing house, so as to give them full protection.

The project that is to be deposited will have to be written out in detail and organized around key issues (work, situation, idea, product or service solution, marketing & communication, production, deployment, financial analysis, etc). By including all available details, the copyright deposit strengthens the rights to the idea and makes it more difficult to copy.

In summary, whereas a novel's originality is in its words, it is necessary to write and organize a project in a way that demonstrates originality because it is the originality that establishes the copyright. The deposit will serve as proof of the copyright created during the project development.