Copyright : Submit an Idea


Is it possible to copyright an idea?

That depends.

Before one files for copyright protection, it's necessary to determine if it's eligible. That means answering a couple of questions:

· If it is a simple idea, is it secret or intangible?

· If the idea is a project, it is a business idea that has been developed, built, organized, and structured, so as to create a real, original, creative, new work?

I the answer to the first question is yes, the answer is that the idea doesn't really exist. A simple, basic idea cannot have a real copyright, even if you decided to file it, because there isn't enough originality to protect.

On the other hand, the most common of original ideas, developed by the 'idea map,’ which announces the implementation plan of the future project, is very original, so it can and should be protected by copyright. Your deposit will be an indispensable tool to assert your ownership of your intellectual property.

Write a complete summary of your "idea,” your "idea map,” before depositing the file. The quality of the writing and argument demonstrating the originality of the idea confirms the copyright, and registering and depositing your idea creates the effective protection your idea by copyright.

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