Send registered mail


There are benefits to using registered mail as a method of service delivery:

By doing so, you create evidence and create an archive of your mail with a public notary, Therefore you should use registered mail for all your strategic content mailing, including your commercial correspondence, such as proposal, contracts, claim, quote, order, cancellations and other official documents. By doing this you create:

  • Proof of trade or trade disputes.

· Proof of compliance date of document delivery (legal, commercial, administrative ...)

· Proof of your copyright on your content.

· The guarantee for the preservation of documents exchanged for 30 years

· Proof of the time saved.

· The ability to retrieve your history in the event of a dispute over a Web interface on in secure mode, such as a bank account online. which allows you to highlight parts of a file (from the office of a judge if necessary) by a simple Internet connection.

· A low cost of treatment

For email exchanges, we recommend email service by a certified officer (public notary or notary), which can create much higher probative value than emails exchanged with a third person. This can establish:

· The date the document was sent,

· That the content was in no way falsified content because it is time-stamped in a sealed electronic envelope.

· Opening password secured

· The Known Identities of the sender and the addressee

· Encrypted attachments endure the traceability of emails sent, received and read by the public notary

· The history of each mail recommended by the public notary.