Copyright Protection for a Logo


A logo has a special place when it comes to registering and depositing for copyright.

As with other images, copyright provides 3 forms of protection when it comes to proving your copyright when it becomes necessary:

· Recording and filing the logo for copyright, preferably in JPEG format for faster processing, means that you will promptly receive a deposit receipt by mail and it is registered and valid for life.

· The registration of your logo as a trademark (see the Office of Industrial Property) as MARK (logo image, for example the McDonald's “M”, the Nike Swoosh) or semi-figurative (e.g. the Google logo, which is a mark showing a stylised version of the brand name) provides your quality logo trademark with even better protection for life. This is the recommended method for a company's brand, but if you are in doubt, consult a lawyer or a patent consultant.

· Watermarking and labeling, which refers to the insertion of a reference to the name of the author of the logo that has a copyright. These terms are added easily with scripts or by using Photoshop or other image applications.

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